About Us

Golden State Gem & Mineral is a California based company which was started in 2014 through a love for gems and minerals. The founder Richard Vogl, with a background as a Geologist, has always enjoyed collecting gems and minerals. He started collecting fine mineral in the early 80s with his first serious collecting of Fluorite at the historic Felix Mine in Azusa, California and Tourmaline in Pala, California. He traded his first flat of Felix Mine Fluorite for five Benitoite thumbnails and the rest was history. Golden State Gem & Mineral once started as just a dream, but has since become a reality and finally we can share our love for gems and minerals with everyone.

Most recently Richard has taken up faceting gemstones and is an accomplished gem artist, in addition to becoming a Certified Gemologist. We are a global gem and mineral dealer which offers a wide variety of fine mineral specimens and gemstones with a passionate love for fine tourmaline specimens and other pegmatite gem minerals. We also offer a wide variety of gemstones including rare faceted gemstones including Benitoite and Red Beryl. We sell at major shows such as The Tucson Gem and Mineral show, The Denver Gem and Mineral Show, and The West Coast Gem & Mineral Show.