Prehnite and Prehnite casts after Anhydrite (Cynthia Payne Collection), Paterson, Passaic Co., New Jersey. A fascinating and highly unusual two-sided specimen from the famous Traprock quarries at Paterson. The aesthetic mounded front is composed of mint green bladed Prehnite botryoids. The back is startling different! Prehnite has casted a striking spray of narrow anhydrite blades. Strange and super nifty material from the Cynthia Payne Collection. A must for the species or locality collector. Measures 9.4 x 5.1 x 2.5 cm. SOLD

Prehnite 1a prehnite 1b prehnite 1c Prehnite 1d






Hydroxyapophyllite & Prehnite (Trimingham Coll.)

Fairfax Quarry, Centreville, Fairfax Co., Virginia.

This famous Trap Rock quarry has produced the finest US apophyllites and this is an excellent and aesthetic combination example of classic style – rare today on the market. The pearlescent, translucent to water-clear, blocky crystals are beautifully accented by the starkly contrasting mint-green prehnite-covered basalt matrix. The large cube is 1.2 cm. This very fine classic displays beautifully without aid. Ex Bob Trimingham Collection. Classic old-time material. 9.9 x 7.3 x 5.8 cm.  $300


Prehnite 2A Prehnite 2B Prehnite 2C